duminică, 22 octombrie 2006

There's something about Paris (I)

Faithful to the saying "When in Rome, do as the Romans do", I will try, from time to time , to edit my posts in English, because some of my foreign friends complain about not being able to read anything. So,here it goes:

I have developped lately a fascination for Paris Hilton. And I'm not being ironical here. Actually, as I am writing these lines, I am listening to her latest song, "Nothing In This World" on youtube.com. I don't think that I have found anything more amusing or more refreshing to watch. The whole video is a copy of "The Girl Next Door", a teen movie starring Elisha Cuthbert and Emile Hirsch. Actually, the "looser" in Paris' video is bearing a striking resemblance to Emile Hirsch in the above-mentioned movie. Moreover, the plot outline of "The Girl Next Door" is as follows: A teenager's dreams come true when a former porn star moves in next door, and they fall in love. Former porn star? Hm... You do see the parallel, right?

Paris' video is based on highly original and emotionally involving scenes, such as the one in which the looser is face-washed in the water closet by the school's bullies, or the one in which he is pushed against the lockers. Completely new to the viewer's eyes are also the scenes in which the looser spies up on Paris' window as she undresses,the ones in which his jaws drop when he sees his gorgeous new neighbour, the images from the high school's cafeteria, or those with the cheerleaders. What really makes me shake in convulsions of laughter are the lines which appear on the screen, to complete and emphasize the moral of this musical epos. "SOMETIMES A DREAMER... IS A LOOSER" is illustrated by the tortures at which our looser is submitted to, for dearing to dream, while "SOMETIMES REALITY...IS NOT WHAT IT SEEMS" proves, once and again, that unfortunately not all the loosers on Earth will eventually get hooked with Paris Hilton, as much as they would dream about it. "SOMETIMES A LOOSER...WINS" is the reiteration of the conclusion of(almost) every single teen movie ever shot on the territory of the United States. As American high schools have only a limited number of fabulously-looking cheerleaders and hot smoking and ravishing American football players, it is up to Hollywood to prevent a national identity crisis, by convincing all the "loosers" to "DARE TO DREAM". This is also the apotheotic conclusion of Paris' video.

However, the director of the video did introduce some elements of novelty. Thus, we have the canine love scene, in which Paris' Greek chihuahua, Tinkerbell, falls in love with the looser's tuxedo-wearing chihuahua. Paris has also got a line, short, yet so full of meaning: "Cute dog!". I never get tired of listening to it. The cherry on top of this cake is, undoubtedly, the scene in which Paris dances full of hm...zest in a room full of American football helmets. The eroticism implied by that diaphanous presence in such a purely masculine medium is almost overwhelming. Too bad the scene is only 30 seconds long.

I have to return to my fascination for Paris one fine day. There are still many thing to be said.

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klubber spunea...

Sorry for being such a grammar/spelling nazi. I know you're gonna hate me after this one.

The term you are looking for is "loser" not "looser". "Looser" is an adjective for something being loose e.g. "This screw is looser than before."
And "cireasa de pe tort" is "the icing on the cake."

It's nice of you to be thinking of your non-Romanian speaking friends. Although I can't share your fascination for P.H. I liked your description and comparison to "The Girl Next Door."

Ina spunea...

Klubber, I laughed for at least 5 minutes after reading your comment. You were not the only one to scold me for my spelling "clumsiness"(to say the least). Will anyone believe me if I say it was a honest once-in-a-lifetime mistake? I possess solid evidence to prove my innocence :)

klubber spunea...

You know, if you would've only written "looser" once, I would've thought "ok, gotta be a typo." But it occured 9 times, black on white (yea, I know it's red one time :P). I knew I was out on a limb saying this, because you could've held a grudge on me, but you seem like a person who would wanna know when she's wrong, that's why I said it.
So... I'm relieved you took it with humour.
And yes, I believe you. Error is only human, happens to all of us ;)