luni, 21 februarie 2011

In The Mood For Spring

Hey guys!

Hope you had a nice weekend. I had a wonderful one and I'm ready to start a great week. Just had a cup of vanilla green tea (not much to eat, though, my fridge looks pretty much like the one below, well, except the pudding maybe :-))

Don't know why, but I woke up feeling terribly spring-ish. It might have something to do with Fellini's Amarcord that I watched last night, where people were burning a heap of stuff to drive away winter and welcome spring.

Anyway, as I said, I'm in the mood for spring and I want to share with you some of my inspiration.

Beautiful, transparent shoes. 

Like these boots from Cheap Monday.

Or these pretty Chanel peep toes.

And also beautiful, transparent dresses. 

Charles Anastase (love the retro lingerie!)

I'm afraid I don't know the designer of the one below, but I immediately fell in love with its water-like fabric.

Socks + heels = love

Overdose of pink

Like in this Sweedish Elle shoot below

Cotton candy hair!

Pretty ballerinas (and a tatoo spot I love)

Cotton candy trees!

Flowery fabrics

Like this pretty dress from Asos

Or these lovely pants by Free People from Pandora's blog.


Huge pompons from Sonia Rykiel!

Tutus and feathers

Miu Miu overdose

Soft day light

The poise and grace of a dancer

Feeling quite whimsical today, so I decided to match my black nail polish with a vintage Missoni skirt. Hopefully I'll have time to post a couple of pics laterz. 

Have a great Monday, everyone! 

Song of the day: Coconut Records - It's not you, it's me.

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andreeame spunea...

hi, sophie! :)
I've noticed some ballerina photos on your blog. this weekend I saw 2 movies with nat portman in a row: the black swan and the one with ashton kutcher. It wasn't easy to see the romantic comedy after the drama, 'cause every minute I was expecting to see nat portman tearing the skin out of her fingers.
anyway, would you like to share with us your predictions for the oscars, or a review to any of the nominated movies?
thank you, namaste and good luck!

Anonim spunea...

winter is leavin alright, but not yet :(

Ina spunea...

Hello, Andreea!

Thanks for the lovely suggestion. :)I will post some of my thoughts on the Academy Awards this week. In fact, I'm actually going to an Oscar party on Sunday (not the real thing though, maybe one day :P), so I'll definitely write something on this topic. :)

Have a wonderful Monday!


Stefanela spunea...


I loved the outfits and the nice fashion suggestions.

Have a great day!


Ina spunea...

Thanks, Stefanela! :)