luni, 21 februarie 2011

Monday's Bits and Pieces

Felt sort of retro-chic meets flower power today. I guess you can tell. :-)

Wearing: Missoni skirt, white lace shirt, vintage brooch, C&A belt, Promod  and vintage bangles, Otter boots (not pictured).

Un comentariu:

Tom Jones spunea...

are those eatable?
I mean the buttons, not literally you
who's the sponsor? is this a promotion campaign from your job?
you are a person of great intelligence and willingness (w. equal to i., the two phalanx are approximately equal) judging by the thumb proportions
most of the people I know, have less willingness than intelligence
you definitely look much different than inozza, that skirt is awesome
(censor doesn't bother me a bit)
I wait for tomorrow to hear where you wear that outfit tonight